Eric Nygard


About Eric

Eric has focused his 30+year career leading and advising high growth organizations in the areas of financial management, business regulatory and tax compliance, operations management and human resources.

Eric Nygard is the COO for Strategic Growth and Transformation Partners LLC (SGT).  He leads the firm’s operations through development of corporate operations vision and operating models.  Eric leads all financial management, business regulatory and tax compliance, operations management and human resources. He defines the objectives, establishes metrics and measures the effectiveness of key internal and external processes.  Eric is dedicated to helping the organization serve its clients with excellence by streamlining operations and implementing efficiencies to continually drive process and operational advancement. 

Prior to his leadership in SGT, Eric was an independent consultant for over 20 years in leadership and business management.  He has extensive experience in assisting business owners, senior management and employees by partnering with them in solving complex business issues to drive growth and transformation.  Through his partnership, he has helped organizations streamline operations, drive multifaceted growth and prepare organizations for acquisition or divesture.

Eric’s professional focus has been on Finance, Sales, Marketing, and Human Resources.   Eric successfully established, expanded and sold a number of companies. He has served on the boards of several US and Canadian enterprises.  He helped these, and his own companies, achieve exceptional transformation and grow.  Prior to his consulting and entrepreneurial corporate work, Eric served in management positions for a large fleet leasing organization.  He managed key clients and provided advisory services on complex financial management and asset acquisition strategies at Wheels Inc, one of the largest Fleet leasing Companies in the world. 

Eric has a B.S. in Finance from the University of Illinois, a degree in Automotive Technology from Wyoming Technical Institute and has completed numerous training classes and workshops including Dale Carnegie Leadership training and Certified Motorola University-Six Sigma.  In 1993 Eric was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame as a World Class Master Technician (less than 1000 people had ever achieved that level at the time).