Business Value Through People

We are a chosen and trusted partner as organizations face
significant and transformative changes

Strategic Growth and Transformation Partners (SGT) is a trusted advisor and partner to top executives focused on driving Business Value Through People℠. We help organizations disrupt the competitive environment through leadership strategy and people capabilities, challenging the status quo and pushing the boundaries of what is achievable. We partner to create value beyond financial statements at the most critically defining moments of strategic business growth and transformation: mergers and acquisitions, new market entry, and organic growth. Our partnership is built on a collaborative and customized approach, focused on realizing the full impact of an organization’s people through innovative Human Capital strategies, programs and practices across Leadership, Talent, Culture, and Rewards.

SGT’s diverse global network delivers the latest thinking and tools to develop solutions uniquely tailored to each client. Leading organizations turn to SGT as a true partner and advisor, to: Listen and Learn, Share Expertise and Experience, Challenge and Enable, Drive to Accountability and Impact.

Growth and Transformation Levers

Realize deal objectives by establishing integration priorities and strategies for execution of global workforce programs, while supporting current business continuity and capitalizing on competitive differentiators

Determine talent requirements and design programs, to establish new market presence by creating relevance of products/services to customers

Develop leadership and talent strategies to expand products/services and increase market share to capitalize on scale, optimizing costs and driving growth

Our expertise to support growth and transformation

Our Commitment