Max Bengtsson


About Max

Max specializes in IT consulting and works to connect people and improve businesses through IT solutions

Max Bengtsson is a consultant driven to support clients in challenging the status quo through quantitative and qualitative analyses of financials, industry benchmarks, organizational policies, and alignment of business strategy to talent and leadership programs and structures.

Max has broad experience in information technology and also works to connect people and improve businesses through IT solutions.   Max’s work often centers around new startups and helping them establish their IT solutions with the objective of connecting people to the businesses. Within IT, Max has spent a significant amount of time in web development and design. Max also has experience with app-development and has been awarded industry notification for development of financial applications. 

In addition to serving in a consulting role, Max also supports the firm’s technology operations through development of market outreach including website development and creation of applications. Max is recognized for his ability to develop leading technology solutions for startup enterprises.  He partners with consulting and technology teams to enhance ease and effectiveness of technology applications.